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History Of St Clement Of Rome

1962 saw the first sod of earth turned to begin the building of the St Clement of Rome Church/School.

120 children were enrolled for the beginning of the 1963 school year. The church and school shared the same building for 8 years!

The dedication and commitment of community members during this time placed the parish community of St Clement’s in good stead for the future.

During the 1970s, the school grew rapidly as families made the Bulleen area their home. The land had changed from paddocks and orchards in the early 60’s to middle suburbia. Bulleen was full of young families beginning lives in this community. There was a large Italian community and a number of other nationalities; the beginning of the diverse culture mix that we know today. With enrolment over 700, the principal at the time commented, “We were bursting at the seams!”.

The 1980s saw peak enrolment of over 800 students. The parish had grown to 2000 Catholic families and St Clement of Rome was a busy, forward thinking community.

As time moves on, all those young families of the 70s and 80s have become the ‘empty nesters’ of the 90s and beyond.

Today our enrolments are steady at around 350 students and we are at the beginning of the next stage, in the life of St Clement of Rome.

The future is unfolding with the completion our new buildings that will take our school well into the 21st century and serve many of the children and grandchildren of the first community of St Clement of Rome, that was built on such firm foundations.


Alyce Neville

St Clement of Rome Catholic Primary School is committed to providing a quality Catholic Education for the community of Bulleen. We acknowledge the need to personalise the education process to meet the needs of the children in our care. Therefore, learning in our classrooms focuses on the individual and is made purposeful and relevant to the 21st century. 

Our school’s programs have a strong emphasis on literacy and numeracy as the scaffolds of learning and our specialist programs are complemented by modern facilities and resources. St Clement’s provides support services and programs to facilitate learning success for all students in our care. 

Our school motto "Love One Another" is central to who we are.  As a Catholic School we are dedicated to living out the core spiritual values of love, faith, hope and justice. We provide religious education and opportunities for faith development for our school community, including prayer and sacramental celebrations, which are integral to the life of our school. As a welcoming school community we provide a safe and inclusive environment focused on your child’s well being, achievement, challenge, creativity and enjoyment.

It is a great privilege to be Principal of St Clement’s . It has a long and proud tradition of providing a very high standard of education.


Alyce Neville




Monsignor Franco Cavarra
Parish Priest


Greetings and a warm welcome to St Clement fo Rome Parish School and Community. You are most welcome here at St Clement's.

We have a great parish school with modern facilities and a new gymnasium.

Ms Alyce Neville is our principal and we welcome her very warmly.

I invite you to belong to our parish community of St Clement's.


The school is very much part of our wonderful parish.


We have just finished refurbishing the church building and it looks beautiful, warm and bright.


The invitation to you is "Come and See". Your children are precious and so are you. You are loved immensely by God and are very precious to Him and to me, as His priest in Bulleen.

May God bless you all and your journey towards Heaven.

Yours Sincerely in Christ,

Monsignor Franco Cavarra

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