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At St Clement Of Rome students from prep to Year 6 engage in an extensive, dedicated seminar each week in our cutting edge Science centre.

Students engage with units of work centered around Biological , Chemical, Earth, space and Physical Science. These learning opportunities provide students with understanding, knowledge and skills which nurtures their scientific view of the world. 

In Biological science students investigate living systems including animals, plants and micro-organisms. They explore life cycles, body systems, structural adaptations and the behaviours of living things. Seeking to make connections between these features and how they aid in survival. 

Chemical Science challenges our students to develop an understanding of the composition and behaviour of substances. Students learn to classify substances based on their structural properties such as solids, liquids and gases. They explore physical changes and investigate how chemical reactions result in the production of new ones. 

Investigations in Earth and Space science encourage students to view Earth as part of a soalr system. They explore how changes on Earth, such as day and night and the reasons relate to the Earth's rotation and its orbit around the sun. 

In Physical science students gain an understanding of the nature of forces and motion. They investigate how an object's motion is influenced by a range of forces such as friction and gravity. Developing understanding of the concept of energy and how it can be transferred and transformed for one form to another. 

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