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Education In Faith


Love One Another is our school motto. It captures the basis of who we aim to be. At St Clement’s we provide experiences for the celebration of our faith through life, scripture, liturgy and tradition. Our motto permeates all areas of the curriculum, bringing together many aspects of life and integrating them into a context of faith.

At St Clement of Rome we:  

  • Choose a scripture focus at each grade level which becomes the grade level Gospel value. This provides a lens for our sacramental programme and is the foundation from which the class operates for the year.

  •  Aim to integrate our learning about our faith with the way we live out our life.

  •  Prepare our children for the sacraments of Penance Eucharist and Confirmation

  •  Celebrate a class Mass every term with our families

  •  Celebrate annual family masses at the Saturday vigil to promote connections between school and parish communities.

  • Celebrate  liturgical seasons with the parish community eg the way of the cross

  • Offer the children the opportunity to sing with the school choir.

  •  Host masses for the sick and elderly.

  •  Host whole school celebrations for mother's and father's day.

  •  Use a variety of resources including ‘Coming to Know Worship and Love’ and the Bible to plan our units of work.

  • Offer our parents opportunities  to reflect on their faith journey through parent education evenings.

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