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​At St Clement of Rome we aim to provide an environment where students feel safe, happy, respected and engaged in their learning.

Student wellbeing is seen as a core component to our curriculum as we understand and value the relationship between social and emotional wellbeing and academic success. Our student wellbeing team which consists of staff representatives who come together regularly to discuss the needs of the school community.

To nurture the safe, secure and respected learning environment we endeavour to maintain at St Clements, we implement the following programs and initiatives:

  • Restorative practices for conflict resolution

  • Circle time 

  • Student awards

  • Drug education

  • Student leadership and Student representative council (SRC)

  • Orientation to school (for new preps)

  • Buddy program (prep- 6)

  • Transition to secondary school (for Yr 6)


At St Clement of Rome we strive to support students who are unable to access the general curriculum. When students present with social , emotional and/or learning difficulties they are supported with he development of individual learning plans and program support group (PSG). The PSG is made up of parents, teachers, student wellbeing coordinator and the Principal. This group works together to ensure the students needs are being met and that they are supported to reach their full potential.



At St Clements we aim to provide an environment where every student feels safe, happy respected and engaged in their learning.

At the beginning of the year each class starts with a 'Welcome Unit' where the students discuss the rights and responsibilities of everyone in our community; students, parents, and teachers.

We do not tolerate bullying and we use restorative practices to promote positive behaviour.

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