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St Clement Of Rome's new state of the art Art facilities creates an enjoyable and stimulating learning environment for all our students.


At St Clement Of Rome the Visual Arts program ecompases all aspects of the Visual Arts as outlined in the Displaced Based Learning Strand of the Victorian Curriculum, including creating, making, viewing and responding to art. 

Through our program students have the opportunity to express their knowledge, ideas and feelings in an individual and expressive way. They respond the artwork of others. Visual Arts encompases both creation and art appreciation, in association with developing the language of visual arts. 

We aim to develop a strong artistic sense of aesthetic appreciation, skills and technique and ranges of different media. Students are encouraged to share their thoughts, observations and feelings as they learn to explore their creativity and imagination, through a skills based program. This supports the process of art making and through modelling and coaching students are given opportunity to experiment with a  variety of media including painting, ceramics, textiles, print making, collage, construction and visual communication. 

Students develop their visual language around artistic elements that reflect their thinking and art, such as; line, shape, colour and texture. Students study various artworks of Australian and international artists that range from cultures and historical periods to inspire their own creation. This serves to enhance their own awareness of art appreciation 

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