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At St Clement Of Rome all students participate in a weekly specialist class consisting of two parts: Practical P.E lesson and an additional follow up educational P.E lesson. 

Through P.E Junior school students will: 

  • Develop their spacial relations with their body and others through movement and games

  • Develop their fundamental motor skills in throwing, catching, running and striking etc. 

  • Participate in small games to practice and refine these fundamental motor skills

  • Learn to follow and apply instructions of minor games, with or without equipment and participate safely and collaboratively

Through P.E Senior school students will: 

  • Refine their fitness skills and develop an awareness of their own strengths and challenges 

  • Practice and conduct an awareness of "fair play" through sport development and the umpiring of games

  • Participate in minor games 

  • Further develop skills for more positive engagement in Athletics 

  • Develop skills and awareness of rules in sports such as Handball, Tag Rugby, Badminton etc. 

All students participate in our Annual  School Athletics Carnival 

Students Year 3 - 6 have the opportunity to represent the school in Inter-School athletics, Swimming and Cross Country 

Students in Year 5 and 6 compete in Inter-School sport competiton in terms 1 and 2. Term 1 is weekly summer sport: Cricket, SOftball, Rounders, Hot Shots tennis. 

Term 2 is weekly winter sport: Footballs, AFL's 9's, Netball, Soccer, T-Ball. 

Round robins in other sports occur throughout the year in a variety of sports which Year 6 students have the opportunity to compete in. 

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