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At St Clement Of Rome digital technologies is a weekly specialist program for all students. Through this innovative program students are exposed to the different realms within technology and allows them to build and consolidate the skills needed to become competent, respectful, skillful users and creators of technology. 

Junior School students learn to:

  • Utilise programs such as G Compris to learn about computers, keyboards and become more familiar with touch pads etc.

  • Develop navigational skills on software

  • Use programs such as Word, powerpoint to develop presentational skills

  • Develop coding skills and manipulate robotics through code

Senior School students learn to:

  • Examine a range of software and online programs to interpret, validate and store data

  • Interact with a range of coding programs to build games, movies and challenges

  • Utilise programs to design, manipulate and display work, thoughts, ideas and solutions

  • Apply their understanding of robotics to problem solve